Fibertone Guitars Privacy Policy

We use Google Analytics on Millions websites do. Google Analytics collects data about our visitors, like:

This tracking information allows us to better understand the kind of people who come to our site.
This allows us to make better decisions about the content (text, pictures, design) and get an idea what kind of people are interested in our guitars.
For example, if we see that most people are accessing this site via mobile devices, we can optimize it to load faster and look beter on mobile phones.
No personally identifying data is included in this type of reporting. All of this falls within the bounds of the Google Analytics Terms of Service.

Want to opt out of tracking on

If you want to opt out, click here. This sets a cookie which will disable tracking on this computer on this browser for the next 90 day.
If you clear history and cookies, the tracking will be re-enabled.
You can see that the tracking is disabled if it says GA DISABLED on top of our page.

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