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Fibertone Experience

Fibertone guitars are made from carbon fiber. Unlike wood, carbon is an inert material. As the guitar is built, I like to think I give it life. I would like to invite you to get to know more about my custom made guitars.


  • Carbon fiber is durable, strong, and more resistant to denting, scratching and cracking.
  • It retains its precision, despite changes in humidity and temperature. Preventing neck warpage and bending, frets won't "sprout", action will not change, no truss rod needed, no changing of bridge.
  • Material characteristics allow complete control, during the fabrication process.
  • Carbon fiber is lightweight. Providing excellent tonal qualities and extreme durability.


  • The guitar produces a full, warm bodied sound that is clear and resonant.
  • When played acoustically, the guitar gives great volume and sustain.


  • Carbon fiber has none of the problems that wooden instruments can have — warping necks, failing glue joints, buzzing notes…
  • No frequency peaks or dead spots, pockets, splits or nonuniform density.
  • The tone is consistent and reliable.
  • They are great studio instruments, very articulate and responsive.
  • The perfect, robust instrument for road work and touring.
  • No Humidifiers and de-humidifiers.
  • No maintenance when these guitars are taken good care of. With stainless steel frets, these guitars will last ages.


A common misconception is that carbon fiber guitars MUST look odd or unusual. While there are certainly examples of these types of instruments, my concept is to utilize carbon fiber as an accurate, expedient method to provide classically shaped instruments, featuring the advantages of modern construction techniques. As molds are expensive to fabricate, as are hand carved wooden instruments, creating Modular Molds allow a specific body/bout size with the ability to offer a selection of configurations). Additionally, Body thicknesses are easy accomplished vs. the parabolic integrated back/sides of the more futuristic instruments, as mentioned earlier. All use one of the above mentioned Modular Molds.

Body thickness: from 2,1/2″ to 4″
Neck joins Body: 14th fret
Body thickness: from 2,1/2″ to 4″
Neck joins Body: 14th fret
Body thickness: from 2,1/2″ to 4″
Neck joins Body: 14th fret
Body thickness : 1.6″ to 4″
Neck joins Body: 16th fret
Body thickness : 1.6″ to 4″
Neck joins Body: 19th fret
Body thickness: 3″
Neck joins Body: 16th fret
Body thickness: 3″
Neck joins Body: 16th fret

Guitars can be Acoustic or include one or two pickups Other options are: Finishes, Hardware and Purfling details. You can choose carbon fiber look; Plain weave or Unidirectional fibers. If you prefer colors, you can choose any color from the RAL chart; Color chart To reiterate, my goal is to offer finely crafted archtop guitars, that feature durability and excellent tonal quality, in a model which fits your exact configuration. During a consultation, I’m certain, together we can create the exact guitar of your dreams ;-)


My name is Rok Drobun. For many years I have played guitar. I have tried approximately twenty guitars of different makes but none of them had what I was seeking. Neck heavy guitars, unstable necks, buzzing frets, these problems led to my desire to build my perfect guitar.

I wanted to make a slim accurate neck that would not warp. Alongside my music I had been working with carbon fibre, fabricating complex products in this material. Initially my plan was to make a neck of carbon fiber and ask a luthier to form a body but why stop with the neck? Hence the formation of ‘Fibertone guitars’.

The top and back are shaped to simulate the properties of a conventional guitar and have the distinctive arch-top sound and great volume when played acoustically.

Because carbon fibre is a man made material I am able to reproduce this quality of sound with great consistency, and because it has uniform structure guitars do not have dead spots and are therefore excellent studio instruments.

Whilst this construction means the instruments are totally reliable and unaffected by climate and humidity they are not clones. The guitars are made to meet customers desires and needs and can be widely customized from hardware to finish.

It is also possible to make alterations to the acoustic properties of the instrument as required. Each guitar is hand-built, every guitar is unique. I am offering to build you a life long partner!

Rok Drobun


If you have a general enquiry or would like more information on Fibertone Guitars, please get in touch with me or complete the form and I will contact you very shortly.

Rok Drobun
+386 (0) 70135055